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Regional chapters

Our IT professionals association has chapters located in various regions around the world. Each regional chapter provides our members with the opportunity to connect with IT professionals in their local area, share knowledge and experiences, and participate in events and activities. If you're interested in joining a regional chapter, please visit our memberships page. 

Midwest USA Chapter

Head Chair 

Octavio Delgado

Octavio is currently CIO Chief of Staff for the EV Commerce and Energy team at GM, based in Rochester MI.


Octavio has specialized on large scale business process transformations through the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, in 4 different continents. Octavio leads the Coding as a Second Language initiative from the GM Diversity Team in coordination with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.  A program who supports more than 500 Hispanic Students every year to learn how to code. 


In addition, Octavio serves as the Executive Sponsor of the GM Latino Network Chapter for Detroit Michigan, a group that brings 300+ Latino Professionals to help their career advancement and support the community.

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